Why the Time is Right to Consider Episerver CMS

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Gartner rWhy the time is right to consider Episerverecently released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. At first glance, the quadrant looks very similar to years past with Sitecore and Adobe leading the way. But a closer glance reveals some trends that have been echoed at Celerity during platform selection processes over the past year. Leaders are further distancing themselves from the other products in the space. The leader quadrant now only has 6 total products (down from 9). However, Episerver continues its rise among the ranks of CMS products. No other product saw as dramatic an increase over the past year as Episerver, and it is establishing itself among the top products in the space.

Why Episerver?

At Celerity, we’ve experienced Episerver’s many advantages for both marketers and developers that make it easy to support both enterprise and mid-market size websites. These include:
  1. The ability to edit web content directly through the visual interface of the page/block means no more guessing what the page will look like while authoring!
  2. Out of the box personalization, categorization, and tagging features. This opens your site up to customizable options to present content without the need for add-ons.
  3. Lightweight and easy to upgrade. Product updates are handled through Nuget packages, allowing the product to constantly stay up-to-date in a painless manner.
  4. Architecture uses a pure MVC model and supports all manner of deployment options. Architects will rejoice in the simplicity and flexibility of the product to adapt to your intended architectures as opposed to bending an architecture to best fit the product.
  5. Can be hosted by Episerver as a SaaS solution or internally/cloud hosted. Additional services such as Find and Commerce are available as well.

Why Now?

While Gartner’s research confirms the positive features of the product, perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider Episerver now is the investment the company is making into the product’s future. Episerver recently acquired two different companies to expand its capabilities in the Digital Marketing space, and its Fall 2016 update shows expanding capabilities in these focus areas.
  1. Peerius was acquired for their Omnichannel Personalization capabilities in an effort to beef up the current personalization offering of the product.
  2. Optivo was acquired for the ability to dynamically market to customers.

After the acquisition of Ektron in early 2015, many did not know what direction Episerver would be taking and how viable it could be in the US market. It is now clear that the product is here to stay and that Episerver is willing to take measures to ensure that it is capable of competing at the highest levels with other leaders in the space. If you are going through a platform selection project or evaluating the market, Episerver should definitely be on your short list!

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