Content Strategist: Investigative reporter or copywriter?

By Pat Higgins, UX Content Strategist

Recently, a colleague told me that during an interview for a content strategist job he was asked this question: "How do you choose the right words to use?" My first reaction was, what a strange question. But then I realized, this question illustrates the misperception about the role of the content strategist more than a desire to know how a writer chooses words.

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Human Behavior and the User Experience

By Ken Mohnkern, Interaction Designer

While navigating a well-designed user experience feels organic and natural, the science behind that end result is very much a deliberate effort. Assumptions and whims make User Experience (UX) Designers squirm. Instead, we prefer making design decisions based on evidence and data, but when we can’t perform our own research by observing the behaviors of users, we can still avoid “guessing” what users want by following basic UX principles as we design digital systems. Many of those principles are based on well-documented studies, but some of the studies are misunderstood and misapplied to digital design.

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