How to Use Sitecore's LINQ to Provider for Search-Based Programming

By Daved Artemik, Senior Technology Consultant

High-quality search solutions. Would you believe that coding with those four words in mind can dramatically improve product performance and influence the final experience a visitor has within your site?

It’s true. Developers are now looking for ways to create flexible, performance-friendly code and search-based solutions that a native provider API cannot necessarily deliver. And with Sitecore’s LINQ to Provider, there’s a clear solution for search-based programming that’s both flexible and efficient.

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Sitecore CMS with xDB: The Future of Digital Marketing

By Radoj Glisik, Solutions Architect

If you’re a Sitecore CMS user, you’ve no doubt heard about their Experience Platform with xDB, the newest digital marketing and analytics tool. You're probably wondering what all the hype is about and how it can work for your company, so we've summarized a recent XP implementation with xDB to help users get a better grasp on its capabilities and potential benefits.

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3 Ways to Generate Greater ROI With the Sitecore CMS

By Pete Rose, Digital Experience Account Executive

3 Ways to Generate Greater ROI With the Sitecore CMS

You probably purchased the Sitecore CMS with every intention of leveraging all the robust features that make it a fully-integrated digital marketing platform. Cross-channel data analysis! Real-time personalization! Marketing automation!

That all sounds greatbut many teams become derailed implementing these capabilities due to a higher focus on maintaining website operations. It’s really hard work to get through the process of achieving such powerful features, and organizations often develop fatigue, run out of budget, and are overtaken by operational backlog when they are done.

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Exciting News from Sitecore Symposium: Coveo’s Free Search Edition

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect

Almost a month has passed since Sitecore’s annual North American Symposium, and there is plenty to be excited about heading into the next year with Sitecore. As a Sitecore partner, Celerity has great enthusiasm for the direction the software is going in. But out of all the news, Coveo’s announcement that it is offering a free search edition for Sitecore is the one item that will have an immediate impact on your projects as of version 7.5.

As part of my job as a .NET CMS Architect, I’m lucky to get exposure to a lot of different search products. And one pretty consistent desire post-launch for product owners on any system is for better search results and capabilities on their websites.

Disclaimer: This is not a criticism of cheap or free search applications like Lucene and Solr—in many cases, these tools are a great fit and offer a nice “bang for your buck” when incorporating search into your Sitecore site. But for sites with a lot of content, you may get lackluster results without significant tweaking and configuration efforts.

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