5 Ways to Better Manage Project Communications

By Nicole Helfrich, Delivery Director, Project & Program Management

Throughout my project management career, one of the areas I consistently strive for excellence in is communications. I feel it is critical to the success of any project—big or small—so I wanted to share five ways that I effectively manage communications for my projects.

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Hitting It Out of the Park with Your MVP Launch

By J. Lawson & K. Long - Digital Experience Team

No, that’s not your Most Valuable Player—it’s your Minimum Viable Product!  

For die-hard baseball fans, Opening Day is full of limitless possibilities. The air sings with hope and excitement. The whole season lies ahead, culminating perhaps with a trip to the Series! (Oh, and don’t forget about the hot dogs.)

That same feeling of excitement ignites in product executives the moment their digital product goes live. They are the biggest fans—and most rabid competitors—of all. But how can you bat 1,000 in such a competitive space? How can you ensure that your minimum viable product (MVP) or minimum marketable product (MMP) will last the season?

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Create a High-Functioning Work Space with the 5S Methodology

By Celerity

In Business Process Management, Lean methodology is centered on the idea of eliminating waste. This process sounds simple in theory – “Get rid of defects, cut out steps that add no value” – but actually implementing these ideas requires strategic planning. The 5S methodology presents an organized way of eliminating physical waste and standardizing the use of equipment and processes across an entire functional unit. 5S stresses that cleanliness, organization, and standardization are key in creating the most efficient and effective work processes. The method originated from five Japanese words which have been translated into English.

Here’s how you can implement the steps:

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5 Ways to Better Manage a Data Center Transition Project

By Chad Baker, PPM Consultant

Data center transitions are a complex undertaking usually requiring intense planning, a large budget, new infrastructure, and the ability to work across multiple departments and vendors. Most data centers are used for local resiliency or disaster recovery capabilities in support of production operations. Based on my recent project experiences, organizations should consider the following when conducting analysis and building out new data center capabilities:

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Agile and Waterfall: The Best of Both Worlds for Project Management

By Chad Baker, PPM Consultant

“One fails, we ALL fail!” is a common phrase used across team that use Agile methodologies. But why is this not a mantra for Waterfall projects? Today it seems many organizations are focused on one methodology or the other, instead of looking at ways to leverage the strengths of both to successfully deliver projects.

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Managing an Agile Development Project with Scrum: Balancing Speed and Feature Fidelity

By Bob Mead, Agile Coach

Having an “I want it here, I want it all, and I want it now” mindset is one of the quickest ways to derail an Agile Scrum project.

During my experience as a Scrum Coach working in Agile methodologies, I often see a lack of trust between business leaders and IT software development. This leads to a mindset in which the optimal strategy for the business Product Owner is to ask for as many product features as possible, delivered in a highly refined state. The Product Owner might push every opportunity to implement gold-plated, trendy software product features. That mindset, unfortunately, may lead to some ill-fated consequences, like reaching the project end date before the project is completed.

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Top 5 Questions I Heard from Clients Related to Project & Portfolio Management in 2012

By John Zolldan, Director, Project & Portfolio Management

As Director of Celerity's Project & Program Management (PPM) practice, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of companiesFortune 500s, mid-markets and start-upsin 2012. Regardless of their size, industry and maturity, our discussions about improving the quality and value of service delivered by their IT organizations have centered on a common set of themes.

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