5 Ways BPM Consultants Improve Change Management

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director

Change is hard. Have you ever heard the following objections to innovation from your organization? “My department is unique.” “That sounds great in theory, but it wouldn't work in our environment.” “An outsider doesn’t understand the way we operate.”

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3 Ways to Digitally Engage Employees During Organizational Change

By Nicole Helfrich, Delivery Director, Project & Program Management

Let’s face it: change really is the only constant in our world.

Has that age-old statement caused us to be numb to change? As leaders, do we think that because our employees accept change as part of the status quo, they don't need any support when the organization is facing significant transition?

Of course not.

Turbulent times call for instilling trust and confidence and the only way to do that is to connect with people.

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Jump Start Organizational Change Management with GRPI

By Frank Weber, Engagement Manager, Business Process Management

My team and I recently started a 15-month Business Process Management (BPM) engagement for a Fortune 500 financial services firm. The project focuses on transitioning over 7MM charged off credit card accounts from one system of record to another as part of a recent acquisition. As the project was kicking off, it became obvious that the project scope and deliverables were unclear. We also felt as if we didn’t have the right people engaged.

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Technology Change & Adoption: 5 Steps to Drive Success

By Kevin Coyle, VP of Consulting Services

Is it Groundhog Day?

Every day, we find ourselves engaged in similar conversations with our clients about the latest and greatest technologies. They want to know what’s hot, what’s not, and what solutions will drive their organization forward. The trends du jour include big data, cloud computing, social media and self-service business intelligence, just to name a few.

While technologies continue to evolve, the end goal remains the same for our clients: adopt and implement the best-fit solution that will drive greater efficiencies, improved customer experiences and ultimately...revenues.

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