Your Mobile Strategy Needs More Than Just an App

By David Donze, Mobile Expert

Is your business focused on mobile? Mobile web browsing has long since surpassed desktop browsing and users are spending, on average, more than three hours per day on their mobile devices, 90% of which is spent in apps. What does this mean for you? Mobile is everywhere, so not having a mobile strategy is no longer an option.

It’s a common mistake to assume that you only need to develop a mobile app, release it to the AppStore, and call it a day. Your mobile strategy may only require a mobile website, or it may rely heavily on a suite of mobile apps, or it may fall somewhere in between. But it needs to be heavily integrated into your overall web and marketing strategies and afforded a high level of investment and commitment similar to your web strategy.

Successfully generating mobile ROI requires a solid plan and a lot of work beyond developing an app. Instead of thinking in terms of an “app,” think in terms of a “mobile experience" that will keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Here are six key considerations you'll want to focus on as you develop a mobile strategy:

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Mobile App Development Cost: The Top 6 Budget Factors

By Jay Kissman

Recent studies show that 86% of consumers' mobile time is spent on mobile apps. To keep up with this growing trend, 90% of U.S. enterprises are increasing their investments in mobile app development.

But what slows people down from actually executing an efficient mobile app development process, is not knowing how to plan and budget for them.

Many of our clients struggle with getting their arms around scope and cost for mobile app projects because each app is unique and dependent on several key business decisions. Our work developing apps for small-, medium-, and enterprise level-clients has taught us that no matter the size of the project or budget, there are 6 things that impact the mobile app development cost:

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14 Must-Know Mobile App Best Practices

By Celerity

Mobile technology use is at an all time high as 80 percent of internet surfers now own a smartphone to access the web. It should come as no surprise then that developing a mobile app for your business can make you more competitive online. But where do you start? 

We recently published a checklist of the top 14 Mobile App Best Practices you need to consider in order to successfully build a new mobile app, or update an existing one.

Here's a snapshot of what you need to know:

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How to Make Your Site Responsive Across Mobile Devices

By Larry Levine, Senior Art Director

So you have a great digital experience that you want to take mobile. Good for you! But have you done your homework? 

According to comScore, mobile devices now claim 2 of every 3 minutes spent online. Adobe likewise reports that 38% of people will ditch a website with an unappealing layout -- but mobile devices continue to proliferate, and keeping your site functional and attractive is a huge challenge. So how do you optimize your web property to take advantage of all online opportunities?

First, you have to rethink how you approach mobile optimization. It's about much more than merely adjusting breakpoints; you must consider a whole new spectrum of user needs suited for a limited viewing area, as well as unique business/marketing goals.

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Making Your Case: 4 Ways to Plan for Enterprise Mobile Applications

By Celerity

According to a survey by Mobile Helix, a majority of enterprises think they’d experience 40% more productivity if they moved their enterprise apps to mobile. Strikingly, only 32% of those companies feel they have the skills necessary to pull off development.

The disparity comes down to having budget dollars to invest in mobile infrastructure, access to cutting edge mobile app development tools, and resources capable of executing their mobile vision.

Even when budget and resources are within reach, it’s difficult to justify your mobile application strategy. That's why we broke it down into 4 simple steps.

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How Beacon Technology Is Revolutionizing Mobile User Experience

By Christian Mayer

Imagine running through the airport, late for your flight and fumbling to find your ticket. Now, let’s replay it: You’re still late but you’ve downloaded your airline’s branded mobile app so as you head through the security line, the app presents your boarding pass and provides directions to your gate. This more efficient scenario now occurs every day thanks to iBeacon technology that Virgin Atlantic implemented last year.

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Native App vs. Mobile Web? The Debate Almost Seemed Over, Until it Wasn’t

By Kelley McDonald, Senior UX Architect

A few years ago, there was a lot of lively debate about whether organizations were better off developing native mobile apps or browser-based mobile web apps. The relative merits of each were described and compared in-depth, and the underlying assumption was that organizations ultimately needed to choose one or the other (in fact, one of Celerity’s most popular events and its follow-up blog post was focused on just such a decision-making process).

Now, there’s a general sense in the digital community that the mobile web has come out on top.

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5 Ways to Ease Into Your First Enterprise Mobile App

By Joe Satovich, Web and Mobile Engagement Director

Don't have any mobile app strategy in place yet? If you're reading this, the pressure to build one is probably mounting but the good news is that you don't need to spend seven figures and six months to get your first mobile app out into your enterprise. Internally-focused digital business solutions can be a lot easier (and cheaper!) to build than B2C apps.

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What Everyone Needs to Know about Mobilegeddon. Right. Now.

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing

I was recently at a Hubspot meet-up with a group of digital marketers when the topic of “Mobilegeddon” came up. A low level of panic set out across the room as many people started asking what the impact would be to their site and search rankings, and what we needed to do, pronto. As of April 21st, 2015, Google started incuding mobile-friendliness as a significant factor in search engine results. Their goal is to help searchers find readable text without tapping or zooming their devices.

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Top 10 Web and Mobile Design Trends for 2015

By Alex Hsiao, Senior Art Director

Want to stay on top of the most popular trends in digital design this year? Check out our list of what's hot.

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What the Wearable Tech Craze Means For Your UX Strategy

By Jay Kissman

Wearable technology is the new frontier for mobile design and development. And as with most other tech revolutions, this one happened quickly. Public interest in wearables like the Apple watch, FitBit, and Google Glass increased by 190% from 2013 to 2014, and analysts predict that sales will go from $2.5 billion to $30 billion by 2018.

This comes at a time when technology is more personal than ever. 82% of wearable tech consumers believe that wearables have enhanced their lives through convenience and connectivity. So if you’re at all involved with digital product development, you need to consider the implications of this new craze on your digital strategy. How are customers interacting with your brand on these new devices, and how is your brand helping to enhance their lives?

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Native App vs. Mobile Web Debate: What Digital Experience Do You Need?

By Drew Engelson

Choosing whether to build a mobile website or native application (or both!) is a decision that every organization needs to make for itself when defining its mobile and content strategies. Celerity’s Digital Experience team often helps clients make that important decision.

We recently held a brown bag discussion on the topic of mobile web versus native mobile app development, and felt it would be interesting to capture the discussion in this post. But before we jump into the debate, let’s define the terms by highlighting some basic differences:

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Finding ROI in Enterprise Mobile Apps

By Joe Satovich, Web and Mobile Engagement Director

The mobile revolution has empowered individuals to supplant enterprises as early adopters of personal technology. Because we’ve chosen the convenience, utility, and speed of mobile apps, most of us would fail at everyday tasks without our smartphones—and we’re just fine with that.

Though these consumer needs are becoming priorities in the enterprise (80% of manufacturers are working on apps, and bring your own device (BYOD) is soaking up headlines), it’s still difficult to find research that will help to build a strong business case for a mobile app. If you’re among those starting your mobile strategy, proving ROI requires a lean process that allows you to place small bets while retaining the potential to win big.

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If Santa Had an App: A Better Customer Experience for Billions

By Joe Satovich, Web and Mobile Engagement Director

Don’t be surprised if you find a bearded man in a big red suit taking the time to savor the cookies you left out for him on Tuesday night. A new mobile application promises to accelerate the already seemingly-magical process of delivering gifts to billions of customers worldwide in a single night.

The “Sugar Plum” app, as it’s been dubbed, is long overdue. With a growing client base, new competition, and rapidly evolving customer expectations, a business model that has spread delight for centuries faces modern threats. The CEO from the North Pole, Kris Kringle, has a need for speed and initially looked at adding more reindeer or investing heavily in R&D to create a next-generation delivery vehicle.

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How to Bring Your Sales Team What They Want This Season (Hint: It’s a Mobile App)

By Joe Satovich, Web and Mobile Engagement Director

Internal business apps are exploding within companies of all sizes, and can drastically help increase your sales reps’ efficiency. But before you get app-happy and launch a mobile project, figure out what it is your sales team needs and how to roll it out so that it sticks.

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What Can We Learn from CES 2013?

By Jeff Lawrence, Delivery Director

CES 2013’s hottest trends demonstrate that the connected world we live in is about to get even more connected. Many of the bleeding-edge products demonstrated at CES show how rapidly technology continues to evolve, forcing all of us to "think outside the box" when it comes to our content and digital asset management strategies.

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