Create a High-Functioning Work Space with the 5S Methodology

By Celerity

In Business Process Management, Lean methodology is centered on the idea of eliminating waste. This process sounds simple in theory – “Get rid of defects, cut out steps that add no value” – but actually implementing these ideas requires strategic planning. The 5S methodology presents an organized way of eliminating physical waste and standardizing the use of equipment and processes across an entire functional unit. 5S stresses that cleanliness, organization, and standardization are key in creating the most efficient and effective work processes. The method originated from five Japanese words which have been translated into English.

Here’s how you can implement the steps:

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Are You Coaching Your Lean Six Sigma Candidates for Success?

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director

As a Black Belt (BB), I've observed on many occasions how crucial it is to position Lean Six Sigma (LSS) trainees and candidates for success at the start of their journey. When LSS capability is not effectively created from the getgo, the organization wastes time and resources, and may miss key market opportunities when planned productivity and performance improvements do not materialize. In some cases, the LSS program implodes all together. For organizations building LSS programs, insufficient engagement and coaching by the LSS experts (i.e., Black Belts) are primary reasons for the failure of LSS projects to generate savings and improvement in an organization.

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