CRM Implementation: 5 Strategies to Seal the Deal

By Celerity

When it comes to implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, an organization’s priorities are often confused due to poorly defined business requirements, lack of proper change management and, most critically, inconsistent prioritization of the people, process, and technology involved.

Process and technology must be addressed in that order, with the human factor naturally being considered throughout the entire implementation lifecycle. The idea is to take technology (or tools and systems, of which you may use several) out of the equation in order to determine your CRM business problem and better focus on people and process.

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IT Service Management in the Age of the Consumer

By Ken Kauffman, Solutions Architecture Director

Consumer Pressure on Technology Organizations

Is it any wonder that IT organizations today are struggling to meet the expectations of their users and customers? Internal IT’s competition is injected right into the walls of their organization since their own personnel are the very consumers that are engaging, learning, and adopting all of this technology at a rate that outpaces the organization’s ability to respond. They already know the tools exist that they need to do their jobs more effectively because they’ve applied them successfully in their everyday life.

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Beyond the Search Bar: Using Enterprise Search to Empower Ektron Websites

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect

When enterprise search was added as a new feature to Ektron's CMS version 8.5, the benefits were immediately evident. Fast, accurate searches were attainable not only on your website, but also within Ektron itself. And Ektron's search functionality has gotten even better with the recent release of v9.0. Now developers have the option of using either Microsoft Search Server or Solr search as their search provider.

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E-Learning and the New Language of SCORM

By Miles Henderson, Software Engineer

Virtual education has changed the way we learn, both in the classroom and on the job. And its prevalence is growing rapidly: in 2012, the percentage of U.S. higher education students taking online courses doubled to reach 6.7 million, amounting to 32 percent of all college students.

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Too Many DAM Solutions!

By Jeff Lawrence, Delivery Director

You’re sitting in an IT strategy meeting when suddenly someone says, “We need a DAM project!”

Someone else responds “Don’t we already have enough damn projects! Why do we need a DAM?"

 Many companies are faced with a tough decision of late: to either install a new Digital Asset Management(DAM) system to better manage their assets or replace an existing legacy system. The choice can be daunting with hundreds of vendors offering good DAM solutions that range in price, functionality and complexity.

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