Scared to Make a Referral? 4 Ways to Make Introductions Less Awkward

By Jill Lawson, Vice President

Has anyone at your company ever asked you to refer them to a friend or past colleague for a business opportunity? It sounds like a great idea and you want to help, but deep down you’re dreading it. Perhaps you don’t know what to do? Or if it will be mutually-beneficial? Maybe you’d rather spontaneously combust than navigate a potentially awkward situation?

Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain: learning how to connect people in your network is a valuable skill that every professional needs to have in their toolkit. The relationships you’ve built with friends and former colleagues over the years can help you establish credibility, give referrals that generate business, and even advance your own professional development and career opportunities.

Admittedly, making introductions comes naturally to me. It’s part of my job. But a recent encounter with a colleague who needed advice on approaching contacts made me realize that not everyone is as comfortable as I am. It’s time that we change that.

If you’re ready to conquer the art of the introduction once and for all, here are 4 ways to do it without feeling awkward:

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Defining Corporate Wellness: 3 Steps to Success

By Alyson Mullee, Marketing Specialist

Corporate_WellnessDid you know that the United States spends $6 billion on workplace wellness every year? That's a substantial amount of money and companies want to ensure a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) for these types of programs.

Unfortunately, companies that focus only on physical health aren't looking at long-term ROI or participation. In fact, companies that put too much emphasis on physical fitness and forget to incorporate other important aspects of well-being, like finding purpose, financial security, and stress reduction, are destined to fail.

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5 Steps to Increase IT/Marketing Alignment

By Celerity

The digital age has intertwined Marketing and IT like never before – and the tension is palpable. It may be difficult for these two powerhouses to work in tandem, but it's vital that they learn to play nicely to take advantage of digital opportunities, improve customer experiences, and drive growth.

As we learned from our recent CMO-CIO roundtable, Marketing and IT professionals DO agree on one thing: their largest sources of friction are cultural differences, poor communication, and difficulty managing data and KPIs. Our moderator and CMO author, Lisa Nirell, discussed key ways the two functions can build a bridge for better working relationships and stronger business results.

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“Recruiting” Teammates to Give Back for LLS

By Danielle Boykin, Corporate Recruiter

It’s reported that on average, Americans aspire to donate 3–10% of their taxed income to charitable efforts.

Aspire is the key word here. When I personally ran those numbers, I was amazed at how far off I was in what I donate…and by off, I mean completely not even in the ballpark of that percentage. So I started thinking about how I could make a bigger dent in how I contribute.

In college, I was a member of a service organization that emphasized giving back to the Four “C’s:” Country, Community, Campus, and Chapter. We often gave back with our time (because let’s face it, most college students are barely scraping by). But as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable, I like being able to make a difference in more diverse ways—whether it’s coaching or mentoring a young professional, or donating time and/or money to a cause I’m passionate about.

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8 Things I Learned as a Summer Intern

By Carly Walsh, Marketing Intern

Before I started as a summer marketing intern at Celerity, I didn't really know what it meant to build a website or be a digital consulting firm. Now, I know it takes alot of people, time and talent to create the web spaces we use every day.

In three months, I learned how to effectively manage a company's public presence; and beyond that, I learned a vast amount about the technology industry.

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The Top 5 Blog Posts of Summer 2014

By Celerity

The Top 5 Blog Posts of Summer 2014

Our blog has been a hot spot for all things digital this summer. Check out this recap of our most popular posts:

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What's a Marketing Girl Got to be Grateful For?

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing

It’s the season for gratitude—and, well, we’re all thankful for lots of things. As a Celerity Marketer, I’m especially thankful for achieving some big milestones this year:

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The Founding Fathers & Entrepreneurism: Time-Tested Lessons to Apply to Your Business

By Lauren Howell, Marketing Specialist

Each year on the 4th of July, we find time to reflect upon that crescendo moment in history when hard-fought freedom was bestowed upon our nation. Since setting us on that initial revolutionary course in 1776, the Founding Fathers’ vision of inalienable rights and independence has been passed down through generations, manifesting itself continuously in the American mind and spirit.

But less often emphasized is the Founding Fathers’ strong entrepreneurship and business acumen, which set a precedent of innovation and self-reliance in their respective communities and is an equal contributor to that go-getter, rough-and-tumble American mindset.

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A Year We Can Be Proud of: Volunteering in 2012 & Beyond

By Jessica McWilliams-Brandt, Visual Designer

Did you know that people who volunteer two or more hours a week actually improve their health? Or, that more than half of volunteers in one study reported an increase in open-mindedness toward others? Both of these positive effects translate to a more productive professional life, which is why Celerity encourages volunteerism as a part of our culture. Volunteering is a great way to reinforce the professional skills you use every day, especially: teamwork, commitment, accountability and confidence.

In 2012, Celerity employees across nine offices ran in charity races, donated clothing, volunteered their time, raised money, used their skills, contributed meals and gifted toys to benefit those less fortunate. A few of our biggest efforts resulted in a pro bono website for veterans and a $4,420 donation to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We’re proud to reflect on what our employees have given back to our communities this year, and we encourage others to join with us in redoubling our volunteer efforts in 2013.

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CEO Lessons: The Top 10 Things I Learned in Celerity’s 10 Years

By Michael Berkman, President and CEO

Where has the time gone? 2012 marks the 10thanniversary of Celerity. When I formed the company with my partners in 2002, I never imagined we would grow this fast in such a short amount of time. And I never imagined we'd launch a blog! I'm really excited to see all that is planned for this new blog site and hope you will follow our upcoming posts.

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