Choosing an Automatic or Manual Content Migration

By Celerity on Jul. 1, 2017 View Comments

Website redesign or re-platforming projects are often the most exciting and dreaded undertaking for marketing teams. No matter how much you look forward to a shiny new CMS, there’s no denying that the arduous task of content migration can zap some of the joy out of the process.

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3 Myths You’ve Heard About Content Migration (And Why They’re Wrong)

By Celerity on Jun. 27, 2017 View Comments

Let’s face it – Content migration is complex. Like, really complex. After all, CMS solutions hold a lot of important data and moving it to a completely new system is risky business. You don’t want to be that person responsible for losing documents, lengthy downtime or underestimating the project entirely. It’s time to get realistic about the process.

Here are 3 myths about content migration that often lead to misguided projects. Let us set the record straight:

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Episerver Ascending: Takeaways From Episerver’s 2017 Conference

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Mar. 13, 2017 View Comments

In the last year, Episerver's significant investments into its product have truly made it stand out in the competitive CMS landscape. I had high hopes in attending the Ascend conference to see what’s in store for 2017, and it did not disappoint! There was a lot of great information shared at the conference from both IT and Marketing perspectives. The following are my top three takeaways from the conference as well as some points worth considering if you are looking to grow or transform your web presence:

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Why the Time is Right to Consider Episerver CMS

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Nov. 29, 2016 View Comments

Gartner recently released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. At first glance, the quadrant looks very similar to years past with Sitecore and Adobe leading the way. But a closer glance reveals some trends that have been echoed at Celerity during platform selection processes over the past year. Leaders are further distancing themselves from the other products in the space. The leader quadrant now only has 6 total products (down from 9). However, Episerver continues its rise among the ranks of CMS products. No other product saw as dramatic an increase over the past year as Episerver, and it is establishing itself among the top products in the space.

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How Content Personalization Can Amp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Kathryn Markwell, Digital Strategy Lead on Jun. 28, 2016 View Comments

As a marketer, I’m sure you know by now that you’re not going to get very far with a one-size-fits-all approach. Sure, you have a target audience in mind, but are you really in tune with their needs? Your customers may be in the market for what you’re offering, but you have to find and talk to them in different ways. That’s where personalization comes in.

But how do you get started?

In a study by Adobe Marketing Optimization, 97% of marketing and customer insights decision-makers prioritized personalization as the most important capability to their company’s marketing moving forward. These numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise – the ROI is astounding. When you focus on providing personalized content to your target audience and have the proper digital analytics in place, you can expect to see increased conversions, better qualified leads, and increased loyalty.

Setting the Foundation for a Personalization Strategy
There are three pieces of the personalization pie that you need to get a handle on before you reap the benefits: personas, journeys, and goals.

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Content First Design: 3 Reasons Why Lorem Ipsum Isn't Enough

By Kelley McDonald, Senior UX Architect on Jun. 10, 2016 View Comments

The web has always been about content. Sure, people visit websites and use apps to complete specific tasks or interact with others, but it's ultimately the content that facilitates those events.

And while elements like maps, infographics, and videos are considered content, the written word, “real” copy, comprises the great majority of what's actually consumed and exchanged online. Copy is the infrastructure on which digital content and user experience (UX) is built—the glue that holds it all together.

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Content Profiling: Top 5 Tips to Get Meaningful Results

By Radoj Glisik, Solutions Architect on Jan. 12, 2016 View Comments

So you have a brand new website and it’s running on a super-fancy CMS/DMS that allows you to turn your content into a user profiling powerhouse. All you need to do is turn the switch “on” and watch visitors to your website fall into neat, profiled buckets…right?

Not quite.

Your content needs some serious attention before any user profiling starts to happen. Artificial Intelligence has not yet been incorporated into CMS, so you — the content owner — must provide that intelligence. That’s how you can profile your content effectively.

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3 Ways to Generate Greater ROI With the Sitecore CMS

By Pete Rose, Digital Experience Account Executive on Oct. 20, 2014 View Comments

3 Ways to Generate Greater ROI With the Sitecore CMS

You probably purchased the Sitecore CMS with every intention of leveraging all the robust features that make it a fully-integrated digital marketing platform. Cross-channel data analysis! Real-time personalization! Marketing automation!

That all sounds greatbut many teams become derailed implementing these capabilities due to a higher focus on maintaining website operations. It’s really hard work to get through the process of achieving such powerful features, and organizations often develop fatigue, run out of budget, and are overtaken by operational backlog when they are done.

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Exciting News from Sitecore Symposium: Coveo’s Free Search Edition

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Oct. 8, 2014 View Comments

Almost a month has passed since Sitecore’s annual North American Symposium, and there is plenty to be excited about heading into the next year with Sitecore. As a Sitecore partner, Celerity has great enthusiasm for the direction the software is going in. But out of all the news, Coveo’s announcement that it is offering a free search edition for Sitecore is the one item that will have an immediate impact on your projects as of version 7.5.

As part of my job as a .NET CMS Architect, I’m lucky to get exposure to a lot of different search products. And one pretty consistent desire post-launch for product owners on any system is for better search results and capabilities on their websites.

Disclaimer: This is not a criticism of cheap or free search applications like Lucene and Solr—in many cases, these tools are a great fit and offer a nice “bang for your buck” when incorporating search into your Sitecore site. But for sites with a lot of content, you may get lackluster results without significant tweaking and configuration efforts.

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Smart Forms for the Marketer

By Ken McAndrew, Senior Technology Consultant on Aug. 19, 2014 View Comments

smart_forms_for_marketers-1This post was originally published by the Ektron Community Blogs here.

As any of my developer brethren will tell you, I’m a big proponent of Ektron’s Smart Forms. In our world, they’re a great way to structure content, to make dictionary objects for storing things like settings, and to store more data in a defined way than is natively available in the Ektron Workarea. I like to call them a database inside the database.

But this is geared more towards marketers and decision-makers, those that use what we developers do. So you might not be familiar with what a Smart Form is or why it’s a good idea to use it. Hopefully after this, you’ll not only understand it, but if your application isn’t making use of the concept, you’ll convince your development team to look into it.

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Configuring Intranet Security Within Ektron’s CMS, Part 2

By Ken McAndrew, Senior Technology Consultant on Mar. 18, 2014 View Comments

In part one, we discussed how to determine how best to set up users in Ektron™. In this part, we’ll be diving a little deeper into intranet authentication methodologies.

How to Authenticate Intranet Users with LDAP

For one of our recent intranet clients, we were required to use LDAP for authenticating users for both front- and back-end access. LDAP had to be connected to the CMS author accounts, and we also had to account for non-LDAP users needing front-end access only. This would cause conflict between CMS author usernames and membership account usernames. Also, because membership users are not linkable to LDAP, their network passwords would not be maintainable in Ektron.

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Beyond the Search Bar: Using Enterprise Search to Empower Ektron Websites

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Aug. 9, 2013 View Comments

When enterprise search was added as a new feature to Ektron's CMS version 8.5, the benefits were immediately evident. Fast, accurate searches were attainable not only on your website, but also within Ektron itself. And Ektron's search functionality has gotten even better with the recent release of v9.0. Now developers have the option of using either Microsoft Search Server or Solr search as their search provider.

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Redesigning the Intranet: How CMS Technologies & Social Tools Engage & Excite

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Mar. 12, 2013 View Comments

Usually, the words ‘intranet’ and ‘exciting’ aren’t used together in the same sentence. But the days of traditional intranets serving as pure document repositories are long gone.

The explosion of social tools and CMS technologies has given birth to the next generation of dynamic websites, including the corporate intranet. Once viewed as dry, stale sites — the corporate intranet is now coming to life as innovative tools and technologies are reaching beyond the public sphere and being applied to private, employee-centered websites. And thanks to popular social tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, employees are now looking for internal communications to be as easily accessible, relevant, and digestible as their social media feeds.

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