Big Data Management: Lessons from the Cloud

By Doug Auclair

So, your company is considering moving to the Cloud for the purposes of agility, mobility, or serviceability. You’ve read the literature and see the advantages both from a technology perspective as well as from the market perspective.

But how does it pan out? Does the hype match the day-to-day reality of operating in the Cloud? Wouldn’t you want to hear from a customer who’s been-there/done-that instead of reading market studies from the vendors?

If so, then this post is for you.

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The Big Risks behind Big Data, and How to Prevent Them

By Ellen Ozderman, Director of Information Security & IT Risk Management

As we demand more access to data to improve decision-making and optimize business performance, super-sized data stores and large data sets are becoming more and more common—and vulnerable. Business leaders should liken this practice to stowing all of their treasures in a bank vault—they want to keep that data secure, since any loss can potentially be catastrophic to a business.

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