Three keys to a successful transition from PM to Scrum Master

By Claudine Skinner

As organizations adopt Agile and Scrum, one of the first steps is to create the scrum team. For the most part, we can map the typical waterfall role to the scrum role:

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The Benefits of Agile for the Team

By Celerity

It's the typical Agile transformation story. Management hears about the marvels of Agile. Team attends Agile training. Team starts Agile project. Team sees little to no results and insist Agile doesn’t work and it would be so much faster if they just went back to what they had before. Sound familiar?

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What is Agile Development? Defining the Basics

By Todd Miller, ScrumMaster, Product Owner

Agile development is super-hot right now. But what is Agile development, exactly? We’ve compiled this post to provide a basic overview and key definitions of the Agile methodology. 

The Agile software development methodology began in the mid-1990s but has recently gained significant traction inside and outside of IT departments due to its suitability for an ever-changing business landscape. The most common Agile approaches today include Scrum and Kanban, but there are others such as Extreme Programming, Lean and SAFe for the enterprise.

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