The Top 5 Blog Posts of Summer 2014

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The Top 5 Blog Posts of Summer 2014

Our blog has been a hot spot for all things digital this summer. Check out this recap of our most popular posts:



1. The Native App vs. Mobile Web Debate

Which one is the way of the future? This post, by our Chief Architect Drew Engelson, drew tons of debate on Reddit. While the “winner” is dependent on the needs of an individual organization, we created a scorecard to outline some clear differentiators between performance, user interface, maintenance, and cost.


2. Why Your Agile Team Should Use Story Point Relative Estimation

Given the rising popularity of Agile developmentmethodologiesand our clients’ increased focus on saving time and moneythis post about how to accurately estimate costs and levels of effort in an Agile environment was wildly popular.


3. How to Stop the Bleeding: 5 Survival Tips to Manage Vulnerabilities

The Heartbleed virus rocked the digital sphere this summer, as everyone scrambled to patch vulnerabilities and change passwords. In this post, our Director of Information Security & IT Risk Management weighed in with five sustainable solutions for protecting sensitive data.


4. Exposure, Engagement, and Lovable Imperfection: Why Your B2B Company Should Join Instagram

Nothing says “summer” like an eager intern bringing fresh ideas to the conference room! Our own Marketing Intern launched a Celerity Instagram account, and blogged about some of the marked benefits B2B companies are seeing from the newest social media platform.


5. Adding Transparency Into Your Agile/Kanban Workflow

If you’re lumping all your Agile tasks into “To Do, Doing, Done” columns, you might be oversimplifying complex tasks and causing bottlenecks. Consider adding these columns to your workflow to boost transparency across projects.

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