Defining Corporate Wellness: 3 Steps to Success

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Corporate_WellnessDid you know that the United States spends $6 billion on workplace wellness every year? That's a substantial amount of money and companies want to ensure a worthwhile return on investment (ROI) for these types of programs.

Unfortunately, companies that focus only on physical health aren't looking at long-term ROI or participation. In fact, companies that put too much emphasis on physical fitness and forget to incorporate other important aspects of well-being, like finding purpose, financial security, and stress reduction, are destined to fail.

Celerity’s Live Fit, Live Well (LFLW) program is positioned to help employees live healthier, holistic lifestyles by offering them the chance to participate in engaging health-driven opportunities that span the health spectrum throughout the year. These efforts focus on three main criteria:

  1. Pursuing an active lifestyle
  2. Choosing a healthy diet
  3. Enabling emotional growth

The goal of the LFLW program is not for employees to lose weight, although that may happen as a result of being active, eating well, and feeling good about life. The goal is to develop healthier, happier individuals on a personal level, with the hope that that sentiment bleeds into employees’ professional lives. See how Celerity's corporate wellness program uses these concepts to create a positive impact on its employees:

Pursuing an Active Lifestyle

An active lifestyle, while sometimes overshadowing the other components of healthy living, is still a great angle to focus on in a wellness program. LFLW encourages employees to join a Walking Challenge once a year to combat the sedentary blues. Our Human Capital team gives out pedometers, wellness bags, and custom socks to anyone that wants to be involved – at no cost to the employee!

The challenge reminds people to get moving at the office, which is important since sitting down is correlated with a handful of negative health diagnoses. It’s usually difficult to bring together employees whose demographics vary by age, gender, ability, and interests, but this is one activity that almost anyone can do. LFLW’s coordinators proudly point out that the challenge also:

  • Encourages socializing across offices
  • Supports behaviors that can lower insurance rates
  • Promotes actions linked to enhanced productivity in the workplace

Choosing a Healthy Diet

Eating well also matters in the grand scheme of well-being. After all, what good is a gym habit if you don’t feed your body nutritious meals to fuel your workouts and aid recovery? To satisfy this expectation, LFLW encourages employees to join Healthy Fix lunch clubs. The clubs meet once a month at various Celerity offices and employees take turns cooking healthy meals for the group, which all members can then cook at home thanks to shared recipes.

Healthy Fix is a consistent way for employees to engage with one another, bond over different tastes, and discover new avenues to healthy eating. Recent items on the menu included coconut milk-chocolate truffles, garlic chicken and quinoa salad, turkey burgers, chickpea brownies, and skinny shrimp scampi. With a lineup like that, why wouldn’t you join?

Enabling Emotional Growth

Of course, a wellness program must include additional health motivators in order to be successful. LFLW also offers popular seminars that solve common problems, enhance a person’s mood, or teach valuable lessons. Here are some wellness sessions we’ve made available since the program’s inception:

  • Stress Management
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ergonomics 101

When it comes to wellness, the definition of "well-being" matters. LFLW opted for a comprehensive definition that included emotional well-being in addition to traditional fitness and diet approaches. These methods are proven to be more successful than the alternative, and LFLW is looking forward to the months ahead as it takes on new initiatives, like Financial How-To's and Spiritual Exploration. As one of Celerity’s Human Capital professionals said, “If we can make one person’s life better through Live Fit Live Well, we did our job.”

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