Five Things Your IT Talent Vendor Should Be Doing

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Five Things Your IT Talent Vendor Should Be Doing

With IT employment at a new all-time high, many companies are turning to talent vendors to help them find the best IT talent in this highly competitive space.

If you're currently using a talent vendor to fill your requirements, it's a good idea to assess their performance from time to time to ensure they are keeping up with industry and competitor trends. (If you're not using a talent vendor you might want to check out 5 Signs that IT Talent Outsourcing is on the Rise). can you be sure your talent vendor is doing everything possible to source and retain top talent at competitive rates? It's easy— just ask yourself, or your vendor directly, the following questions. You'll want to make sure that they are doing these 5 things, at a miniumum.

5 questions to assess your talent vendor:

Does your staffing/talent provider…

1. Find candidates matched to your culture and requirements, not just a job description?

Savvy recruiters who understand the functional needs of your company are great, but are performing only half the job. Make sure your vendor is providing the right fit for your culture, environment, technical requirements, and business style.

2. Give consultants excellent benefits, including healthcare and field support?

Make sure your vendor is providing good health care and wellness benefits, not only to retain great talent, but also to provide the support necessary for employees to stay focused on the mission at hand. Adding an extra layer of field support in the form of a Consultant Care Specialist / Resource Manager helps to keep the on-site consultants satisfied and connected to their firm. At Celerity, we hire most of our consultants as full-time employees, providing them with excellent benefits and redeployment opportunities.

3. Provide flexible contractor and contract-to-hire structures to fit your business needs?

Your IT talent/staffing vendor should deliver flexibility and various options around contractor and contract-to-hire (permanent placement) services. This way you can "try before you buy" and pre-screen candidates on the job before making a long-term commitment and employment offer.

4. Anticipate your project needs and pipeline talent in advance?

Your talent vendor should understand your business, culture, and project needs. They need the proper foresight to proactively pipeline based on your forecasted projects and business initiatives. Avoid reactive bustling to build your team!

5. Offer top talent at competitive rates?

Perhaps we should have this at number one. Talent augmentation is supposed to be cost-effective; make sure your spend is commensurate with the results you're receiving. Vendors should be able to tell you market rates for each position they are filling.

In the end, your talent vendor should be removing extra management and administrative headaches from your workload so you can focus on accelerating project speed, business growth and success. It’s as simple as that.

It’s always beneficial to take a step back and test your talent vendors to ensure you're receiving the highest quality services from a true business partner.

What do you consider when evaluating your staffing vendor? Let us know below or join the conversation on Twitter, including the hashtag #TestYourTalent.

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