What a UX Designer Wants

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User_Experience_DesignEnvision your brand as something that’s flawless to engage with, fluid across all digital channels and devices, and perfectly complements your physical presence or storefront.

Who's going to help you bring that vision to life? UX Designers.

But these savvy professionals are in high demand, low supply, and difficult to find, attract, and retain. Many command high salaries with little experience. Companies are now striving to hire User Experience talent inhouse, instead of contracting, making the talent pool even smaller. And as engineering agility improves, expectations are rising for comprehensive product thinking—meaning user experience design is no easy task.

You know that you need a strong UX hero to save your digital channels. UX heroes are an analytical, process-driven thinkers that are articulate and digitally aware of the marketplace. They synthesize all components of content, wireframes, and design work within your site so that users can get to the right stuff, quickly. Your UX hero will take abstract business requirements and map them out like a boss.

Such superheroes are not easy to come by – they not only have the luxury to be highly selective in picking gigs but they expect all the frills of a modern, transparent, and edgy work environment. Below, six of the top expectations a UX Designer may have:

  1. Transparency across the organization, with open doors and strong communications at all levels

  2. Flexibility in work locations and hours

  3. Open, collaborative work spaces with quick feedback loops

  4. Creative outlets in the workplace. Think Xbox, ping pong, and comfortable huddle spaces

  5. Change-minded culture open to taking risks and trying new things

  6. A place where they can make a difference; preferably a place that itself makes a difference


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