“Recruiting” Teammates to Give Back for LLS

By Danielle Boykin, Corporate Recruiter View Comments

LLS_logoIt’s reported that on average, Americans aspire to donate 3–10% of their taxed income to charitable efforts.

Aspire is the key word here. When I personally ran those numbers, I was amazed at how far off I was in what I donate…and by off, I mean completely not even in the ballpark of that percentage. So I started thinking about how I could make a bigger dent in how I contribute.

In college, I was a member of a service organization that emphasized giving back to the Four “C’s:” Country, Community, Campus, and Chapter. We often gave back with our time (because let’s face it, most college students are barely scraping by). But as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable, I like being able to make a difference in more diverse ways—whether it’s coaching or mentoring a young professional, or donating time and/or money to a cause I’m passionate about.

When I first interviewed with Celerity, I was immediately excited by the number of Community Involvement initiatives the company participates in. And since I’ve been hired, I’ve been grateful to find that if there’s a cause I’m passionate about, my peers will help me promote, participate, or donate to it.

When we chose The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as our primary charitable partner this year, I knew I wanted to play a bigger role in spreading awareness. It turns out the same skills that have served me well as a recruiter were useful in getting others involved. I organized an LLS Happy Hour to kick off the event, and boom—we raised $200 on the spot! (Disclaimer: by writing this blog, I’m openly recruiting you to get involved: whether it’s by walking in the Light the Night event in DC on October 18th, organizing a fundraiser, or just donating $5 instead of springing for your daily latte. Think about it—the average American worker spends nearly $1,100 a year on Starbucks alone!)

Here’s Why You Should Get Involved:

Approximately every three minutes, one person in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer. It’s a staggering fact that hits home for a lot of us. A phenomenal woman I used to work with is a survivor, and my grandfather’s final cause of death is listed as Leukemia. I also spoke with several coworkers at Celerity whose families have been directly impacted by the disease.

Susan Gassman, one of our Resource Managers, summed things up well when she said, “When people are battling something like this, it’s important that they are not going to be forgotten. Events like this make an impact.” This is Celerity’s third year supporting the Light the Night Walk across multiple US cities. The event brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, and monies raised help fund breakthrough therapies.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. To donate or walk with Team Celerity Cares, click here.

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