Google+: A Job Seeker’s Secret Weapon #AskTheIntern

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Google+: A Job Seeker’s Secret Weapon #AskTheIntern

I will (shamefully) admit that I’m a stereotypical millennial. I grew up with a phone glued to my hand, incessantly updating statuses, hash-tagging, and posting comments on various networks. This has made me feel quite confident in regards to giving advice on social media, even though I am merely a summer intern.

So, please let me give you this one piece of advice: if you’re currently searching for a job, sign up for Google+. Google+ connects you to family and friends via posted notes, photographs, and group video calls (think Facebook) while also providing access to peers, potential employers and experts (think LinkedIn).

As you juggle between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter—and possibly Instagram and Pinterest too—you probably think another social site is the absolute last thing you need. Wrong! Google+ is a force to be reckoned with and here is why every candidate in the job market should take advantage of this underdog:

1) The most active user base: As of March 2013, Google+ had over 350 million active users, not just users who sign up and never really use it! This impressive user base is more than LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube. In fact, this makes Google+ the second largest social network in terms of active users, second only to Facebook. And, unlike Facebook, you do not need a user’s permission to add them. This grants you the ability to connect with any industry leader, potential employer, or peer without the awkwardness of a potential rejection. Celerity’s Talent Solutions recruiters are actively using Google+ to identify top candidates in niche IT fields.

2) The custom connectivity of ‘Circles’: ‘Circles’ are groups that allow you to organize people based on their relationship to you. To get you started, Google+ automatically sets you up with generic circles such as ‘Family’ and ‘Friends;’ but you can also add circles such as ‘Potential Employers,’ ‘Industry Leaders,’ etc. Using these circles, you can easily control your incoming and outgoing streams of information. You can choose to share personal posts with only your ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’ circles, professional posts strictly with your ‘Colleagues’ circle, or an interesting news article with all of your circles. This is the next “BIG thing” for candidates struggling to balance their personal and professional social media personas, as Alan discussed in his blog post last month.

3) Limitless yet targeted engagement: Another great function of Google+ is the ‘Communities’ feature. Here, Google+ users can post comments to begin discussions with like-minded people. There are thousands of communities ranging from ‘Nail Polish Lovers’ to ‘IT Professionals.’ Industry-related communities have areas designated for job postings, career advice, and training resources to help guide job seekers. If, for some reason, none of the job postings appeal to you, you can easily network with recruiters by circling or direct messaging anyone of interest. Communities give job seekers every resource they could ever need to secure that dream job.

Are you ready to join the 625,000 people who sign up for Google+ every day? Celerity did. With my research and assistance, we just launched Celerity’s new Google+ page . Active and passive job seekers can browse our position openings on Google+ as well as on Twitter @Celerityjobs.

What questions or concerns do you have about using Google+ or any other social media channels? Ask me below – I will get right back to you! Remember, I’m an intern (and I have the time)!

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