What Can We Learn from CES 2013?

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What Can We Learn from CES 2013?

CES 2013’s hottest trends demonstrate that the connected world we live in is about to get even more connected. Many of the bleeding-edge products demonstrated at CES show how rapidly technology continues to evolve, forcing all of us to "think outside the box" when it comes to our content and digital asset management strategies.

Bottom line: Connectivity of nearly everything is rapidly changing the way we consume digital information--be it on our phone, tablet, PC, TV or home appliance!

Today's technology innovators are creating new devices that allow us to consume digital information in ways we could not have imagined. Smart phones, tablets and connected TVs are now commonplace. The concept of connect everything is evolving to include connected cars, home appliances, and even wearable technologies.

A few of the connected products showcased at CES were:

  • Augmented reality-enhanced eyeglasses such as Google Glasses and Vuzix Smart Glasses are drawing interest at CES 2013. Innovators have even prototyped augmented reality contact lenses.
  • LG announced a new line of “Smart Appliances” that will allow consumers to look up recipes, order groceries and even connect to home management systems.
  • Unusual devices such as the HAPIfork “Smart Fork” from HAPILABS can track how much food you are consuming and your rate of consumption.

As we look forward to 2013 and beyond, companies will be challenged to provide digital content in new ways and on new channels/devices. Content managers, who traditionally curated content for the company’s lone website, and now mobile devices, will be tasked with providing content for TVs, home appliances and many other future connected devices.

So what does this mean for you? Companies of all shapes and sizes (B2B, B2C, B2G, B2B2C) will need to develop a comprehensive content management strategy to handle emerging technology trends; as well as develop systems that allow content curators to quickly and easily edit and publish content to many platforms. IT, digital product development, and marketing teams will need to align more closely to ensure the right systems and process are in place to efficiently distribute the right content, to the right audience -- on any device.

One approach companies should consider is implementing responsive design concepts within their content management systems (CMS). This approach will ensure digital content is designed in ways that allow it to look good, load quickly and function properly on many different devices. Strategies around responsive design provide the flexibility and adaptability needed by companies to quickly respond to emerging trends. (We will delve more into responsive design in future posts).

In the end, my biggest take-away from CES 2013 is that connected devices are herenow and new technologies are emerging quickly. Companies that want to stay competitive in the digital marketplace need to look closely at their digital content management strategies to see how prepared they are for a connected world. The most recent move from web to mobile (smartphones and tablets) was just the beginning...things are about to get much more interesting and connected!

What did you learn from CES 2013?

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