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Is Your Business Process Ready for the Cloud?

By Theresa Mial, Managing Consultant, Business Process Management on Aug. 27, 2013 View Comments

You’ve decided your business processes need to be automated and you’re ready to move forward with a Business Process Management System or Suite (BPMS). Your first step will be to conduct an exhaustive review of BPMS vendors to determine which one is right for your organization.

A key consideration in your vendor selection process will likely be the option of the BPMS vendor providing a hosted solution. Today, there’s a lot of buzz and excitement around the cloud, and a BPMS cloud solution can alleviate many of your hosting headaches. But before you get hooked on the cloud, you’ll want to ask your vendors critical questions about data security, redundancy, connectivity and scalability provided. These key questions will help you determine if you’re really ready for a cloud-hosted BPMS solution.

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