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IT Service Management in the Age of the Consumer

By Ken Kauffman, Solutions Architecture Director on Feb. 27, 2014 View Comments

Consumer Pressure on Technology Organizations

Is it any wonder that IT organizations today are struggling to meet the expectations of their users and customers? Internal IT’s competition is injected right into the walls of their organization since their own personnel are the very consumers that are engaging, learning, and adopting all of this technology at a rate that outpaces the organization’s ability to respond. They already know the tools exist that they need to do their jobs more effectively because they’ve applied them successfully in their everyday life.

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Business Process Management & PCI Compliance: The Essential Approach

By Ken Kauffman, Solutions Architecture Director on Jul. 25, 2013 View Comments

In 2006, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SCC) was established by the credit card brands to provide standards regarding protection of cardholder account data. Specifically, the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) outlines guidance for processing, transmitting, and storing cardholder account data.

The purpose of PCI DSS is to increase controls around cardholder account data, thereby reducing credit card fraud via exposure. It’s included as a mandatory compliance term in the credit card’s contracts with issuers, merchants, and servicers. While PCI compliance is not a state or federal legal requirement, the reporting of data breaches is generally legally binding at state levels and is used as a mechanism for notifying card brands of potential non-compliance.

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