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Episerver Ascending: Takeaways From Episerver’s 2017 Conference

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Mar. 13, 2017 View Comments

In the last year, Episerver's significant investments into its product have truly made it stand out in the competitive CMS landscape. I had high hopes in attending the Ascend conference to see what’s in store for 2017, and it did not disappoint! There was a lot of great information shared at the conference from both IT and Marketing perspectives. The following are my top three takeaways from the conference as well as some points worth considering if you are looking to grow or transform your web presence:

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Setting up Episerver to Run as an Azure Application

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Feb. 21, 2017 View Comments

Episerver is a leading CMS that helps companies create an effective user experience across all channels and devices. Episerver was recently featured in the Forrester Wave WCM 2017 and was listed as the leading .NET CMS vendor and 1 of the 3 leaders in the report. 


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Why the Time is Right to Consider Episerver CMS

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Nov. 29, 2016 View Comments

Gartner recently released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. At first glance, the quadrant looks very similar to years past with Sitecore and Adobe leading the way. But a closer glance reveals some trends that have been echoed at Celerity during platform selection processes over the past year. Leaders are further distancing themselves from the other products in the space. The leader quadrant now only has 6 total products (down from 9). However, Episerver continues its rise among the ranks of CMS products. No other product saw as dramatic an increase over the past year as Episerver, and it is establishing itself among the top products in the space.

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Exciting News from Sitecore Symposium: Coveo’s Free Search Edition

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Oct. 8, 2014 View Comments

Almost a month has passed since Sitecore’s annual North American Symposium, and there is plenty to be excited about heading into the next year with Sitecore. As a Sitecore partner, Celerity has great enthusiasm for the direction the software is going in. But out of all the news, Coveo’s announcement that it is offering a free search edition for Sitecore is the one item that will have an immediate impact on your projects as of version 7.5.

As part of my job as a .NET CMS Architect, I’m lucky to get exposure to a lot of different search products. And one pretty consistent desire post-launch for product owners on any system is for better search results and capabilities on their websites.

Disclaimer: This is not a criticism of cheap or free search applications like Lucene and Solr—in many cases, these tools are a great fit and offer a nice “bang for your buck” when incorporating search into your Sitecore site. But for sites with a lot of content, you may get lackluster results without significant tweaking and configuration efforts.

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Beyond the Search Bar: Using Enterprise Search to Empower Ektron Websites

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Aug. 9, 2013 View Comments

When enterprise search was added as a new feature to Ektron's CMS version 8.5, the benefits were immediately evident. Fast, accurate searches were attainable not only on your website, but also within Ektron itself. And Ektron's search functionality has gotten even better with the recent release of v9.0. Now developers have the option of using either Microsoft Search Server or Solr search as their search provider.

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Redesigning the Intranet: How CMS Technologies & Social Tools Engage & Excite

By John Dymond, .NET CMS Architect on Mar. 12, 2013 View Comments

Usually, the words ‘intranet’ and ‘exciting’ aren’t used together in the same sentence. But the days of traditional intranets serving as pure document repositories are long gone.

The explosion of social tools and CMS technologies has given birth to the next generation of dynamic websites, including the corporate intranet. Once viewed as dry, stale sites — the corporate intranet is now coming to life as innovative tools and technologies are reaching beyond the public sphere and being applied to private, employee-centered websites. And thanks to popular social tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, employees are now looking for internal communications to be as easily accessible, relevant, and digestible as their social media feeds.

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