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6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt an Agile Framework

By Jim Bailoni, EVP, Strategic Accounts on Feb. 17, 2014 View Comments

Lean project methodologies such as Agile development Scrum and Kanban are all the buzz right now. So what does a just-in-time approach mean for your business?

Companies want to save money while still best serving customers, but they often forget the easiest way to illicit customer feedback: just ask the customer. The Agile/Lean world focuses on higher interaction with customers and the ability to easily change course based on customer feedback. The processes are truly empirical, which gives a team the opportunity to quickly adapt as it studies and observes, rather than basing a project on assumptions and theory.

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What's the Best Vendor Management System For My Organization?

By Jim Bailoni, EVP, Strategic Accounts on Nov. 15, 2012 View Comments

Managing your company's talent and contractor workforce is a daunting task for any organization, so it's no surprise that there are now hundreds of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) on the market. In fact, the vendor management systems marketplace is exploding.

But before you jump the gun and start the evaluation process, it's important to realize that the key factor driving your decision to purchase a VMS should be the number of contractors or consultants you are managing, i.e., your total transaction volume.

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