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A Year We Can Be Proud of: Volunteering in 2012 & Beyond

By Jessica McWilliams-Brandt, Visual Designer

Did you know that people who volunteer two or more hours a week actually improve their health? Or, that more than half of volunteers in one study reported an increase in open-mindedness toward others? Both of these positive effects translate to a more productive professional life, which is why Celerity encourages volunteerism as a part of our culture. Volunteering is a great way to reinforce the professional skills you use every day, especially: teamwork, commitment, accountability and confidence.

In 2012, Celerity employees across nine offices ran in charity races, donated clothing, volunteered their time, raised money, used their skills, contributed meals and gifted toys to benefit those less fortunate. A few of our biggest efforts resulted in a pro bono website for veterans and a $4,420 donation to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We’re proud to reflect on what our employees have given back to our communities this year, and we encourage others to join with us in redoubling our volunteer efforts in 2013.

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