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How Marketers Can Balance Analytics & Creativity (...And Still Prove ROI)

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on May. 3, 2016 View Comments

Marketers are more obsessed with digital analytics than ever before. After all, we need to be. How else can we prove ROI and justify spend? We need data to prove the value of our programs and monitor what’s working and not working.

But have we marketers gotten too focused on data at the expense of our core creative and strategic marketing principles? My humble opinion is.... “Yes.” 

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6 Lead Generation Best Practices that Stand the Test of Time

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Apr. 12, 2016 View Comments

Lead_Generation_Strategy_Blog.jpgLead generation isn’t a new concept. It’s a popular and over-used term describing how businesses use aligned marketing and sales strategies to attract new leads. While many companies today have some form of lead gen in place, there are an astounding number of businesses – from small start-ups to large global corporations – that struggle to align sales and marketing teams for meaningful lead gen results.

What’s standing in the way? And how can you break through roadblocks if you’ve been aiming to build a strong lead gen function, but are missing the mark?

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What’s Jazz Got to Do with It? #INBOUND15

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Sep. 3, 2015 View Comments

Who would have guessed that jazz had anything to do with marketing & sales alignment? Or INBOUND15?

When I submitted my topic to speak at the INBOUND conference, “How to Get your Sales Teams Jazzed About Inbound Marketing,” I had no idea that jazz would end up serving as the perfect metaphor for describing the modern day relationship between marketing and sales.

As fate would have it, a few serendipitous events led me to fall in love with the idea of sales and marketing alignment ("SMarketing") being perfectly analogous to jazz music…right in the midst of preparing for INBOUND15.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought Marketing Automation

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Jul. 8, 2015 View Comments

Choice can be a beautiful, and yet paralyzing, luxury—especially when it comes to a big decision like choosing a marketing automation system.

I’ve evaluated many of the major solutions, and have overseen two digital marketing automation implementations in the past three years. But what I understand now as a marketing automation advocate is this: the most important factors have less to do with the solution itself, and everything to do with your business and digital marketing strategy.

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Agile Marketing: the Only Way Forward for Digital Marketers

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Jun. 22, 2015 View Comments

Leading companies like Apple and Google have been doing Agile Marketing for years, but it still hasn’t really hit mainstream yet. And here’s the thing, although the rest of us have been slow on the uptake: the Agile methodology could be a game-changer for Marketing.

I’m talking about for everyone in Marketing, not just America’s tech darlings. As smaller organizations scramble to get more done with less, an Agile framework can help teams prioritize and execute projects faster. As larger organizations struggle to keep projects moving across multiple layers of management and departments, Agile helps bridge gaps between IT, Marketing, and the Business.

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What Everyone Needs to Know about Mobilegeddon. Right. Now.

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Apr. 17, 2015 View Comments

I was recently at a Hubspot meet-up with a group of digital marketers when the topic of “Mobilegeddon” came up. A low level of panic set out across the room as many people started asking what the impact would be to their site and search rankings, and what we needed to do, pronto. As of April 21st, 2015, Google started incuding mobile-friendliness as a significant factor in search engine results. Their goal is to help searchers find readable text without tapping or zooming their devices.

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5 Reasons Digital Marketers Need to Embrace "Lovable Imperfection"

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Aug. 22, 2014 View Comments

Let's face it. If you're a professional marketer, you're probably driven by perfectionism.

But we need to be perfectionists, right? Our lives are dominated by mountains of projects—from content creation, web and mobile sites, social media, brand refreshes, and digital campaigns—to reporting, analytics and real-time data capture. If we can't bring order to this craziness and perfectly manage our teams, schedules, deadlines, and budgets, we'll be sunk. Buried alive. Fall behind the market and our competitors. Right?

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recruitDC from a Marketer's Perspective: A Crash Course in Creative Recruiting

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on May. 27, 2014 View Comments

On a last-minute whim, I recently had the chance to attend recruitDC—a local recruiting event with some significant fanfare and followers.

Why, as a marketing professional, would I want to attend such an event? Because marketers are all about the customer and employee experience, and this was an opportunity for me to learn more about our recruiting engine. After all, our business is heavily reliant on recruiting top tech talent and putting them in front of our most valued customers.

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What's a Marketing Girl Got to be Grateful For?

By Jenifer Kern, Vice President, Marketing on Nov. 27, 2013 View Comments

It’s the season for gratitude—and, well, we’re all thankful for lots of things. As a Celerity Marketer, I’m especially thankful for achieving some big milestones this year:

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