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Mobile App Development Cost: The Top 6 Budget Factors

By Jay Kissman on Mar. 30, 2017 View Comments

Recent studies show that 86% of consumers' mobile time is spent on mobile apps. To keep up with this growing trend, 90% of U.S. enterprises are increasing their investments in mobile app development.

But what slows people down from actually executing an efficient mobile app development process, is not knowing how to plan and budget for them.

Many of our clients struggle with getting their arms around scope and cost for mobile app projects because each app is unique and dependent on several key business decisions. Our work developing apps for small-, medium-, and enterprise level-clients has taught us that no matter the size of the project or budget, there are 6 things that impact the mobile app development cost:

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What the Wearable Tech Craze Means For Your UX Strategy

By Jay Kissman on Sep. 26, 2014 View Comments

Wearable technology is the new frontier for mobile design and development. And as with most other tech revolutions, this one happened quickly. Public interest in wearables like the Apple watch, FitBit, and Google Glass increased by 190% from 2013 to 2014, and analysts predict that sales will go from $2.5 billion to $30 billion by 2018.

This comes at a time when technology is more personal than ever. 82% of wearable tech consumers believe that wearables have enhanced their lives through convenience and connectivity. So if you’re at all involved with digital product development, you need to consider the implications of this new craze on your digital strategy. How are customers interacting with your brand on these new devices, and how is your brand helping to enhance their lives?

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