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Keys to BPM Software Success Using Agile Methodologies

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director on Jun. 13, 2017 View Comments

For most application workflow projects, the Agile development methodologies have proven a superior approach over the traditional waterfall method.

But even with a proven delivery method like Agile, insufficient understanding of business processes can derail your project. This is especially true when the project involves a complex workflow component.

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The BPM Checklist for Successful Digital Project Execution

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director on Apr. 8, 2015 View Comments

Newton’s Third Law says that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In this same vein, for every digital interaction your customer has with your product or brand, there should be an automated business process reaction.

We call this the “Process Experience.” It’s putting the goal of the digital product in context with the business process it will be supporting; or, Newton’s reaction to any given digital activity. The Process Experience is arguably the most important determinant of success for your digital projects. But it’s often overlooked amidst the hype and speed of implementing exciting new applications, websites, and features.
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5 Reasons Digital Projects Fail: The Forgotten Role of Business Process

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director on Mar. 31, 2015 View Comments

Despite the best intentions and ever-evolving methodologies, at the end of the day many digital/IT projects still are not successful.  Several different studies over the past five years put the industry success rate below 60%. 

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Are You Coaching Your Lean Six Sigma Candidates for Success?

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director on Apr. 25, 2014 View Comments

As a Black Belt (BB), I've observed on many occasions how crucial it is to position Lean Six Sigma (LSS) trainees and candidates for success at the start of their journey. When LSS capability is not effectively created from the getgo, the organization wastes time and resources, and may miss key market opportunities when planned productivity and performance improvements do not materialize. In some cases, the LSS program implodes all together. For organizations building LSS programs, insufficient engagement and coaching by the LSS experts (i.e., Black Belts) are primary reasons for the failure of LSS projects to generate savings and improvement in an organization.

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Is Cross-Selling at a Crossroads for Financial Services?

By Jason Foster, BPM Delivery Director on Dec. 17, 2013 View Comments

Any good executive knows the value of a successful cross-sell program. Cross-selling is the practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer, and it’s one of the simplest strategies an organization can undertake to substantially increase revenue. Not only does cross-selling allow an organization to take advantage of the known risk associated with a current customer (versus taking on the unknown risk of a new customer), it allows the organization to gain valuable customer information such as buying patterns, preferences and willingness to try suggested products and services. Some organizations report as high as 35% of their revenue comes from cross-selling activities.

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