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Is Isomorphic JavaScript the Happy Medium You've Been Looking For?

By Jake Whitney, Senior Front End Developer on Nov. 10, 2015 View Comments

There’s an old adage in the Java community: Write once, run anywhere.

It’s meant to illustrate the power of Java, not to be confused with JavaScript, to run the same code on many different devices. As the world of web application development has evolved, however, several technologies have thrown their hats into the ring, perhaps most notably of which is JavaScript.

In the last few years, JavaScript evolved far beyond basic JQuery and, with the introduction of Node, has become a full-featured, back-end development platform. A developer is now able to run JavaScript on both the browser and the server, illustrating a concept more commonly known as Isomorphic JavaScript (JS).

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The Benefits of Prototyping

By Jake Whitney, Senior Front End Developer on Apr. 17, 2015 View Comments

If you’re doing any kind of development these days, the term “prototype” has probably been thrown around at some point. Sadly, more often than not, it’s in the context of “that thing we really can’t fit into the budget.” Others view prototyping as a frivolous endeavor that means building an app just so it can be tested. Furthermore, many claim that the barrier of entry is too great, and that “specialized” resources are required in order to make a meaningful impact.

Today, these biases about prototyping as being expensive and a waste of time really couldn’t be further from the truth. Prototyping is a great way to get information in front of users and stakeholders as fast as possible. And with so many methods of prototyping at your disposal, and new development paradigms such as Agile, prototyping is not only easier and more affordable than ever, but is also more important than ever. Let me tell you why.

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