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How to Use Sitecore's LINQ to Provider for Search-Based Programming

By Daved Artemik, Senior Technology Consultant on Feb. 16, 2016 View Comments

High-quality search solutions. Would you believe that coding with those four words in mind can dramatically improve product performance and influence the final experience a visitor has within your site?

It’s true. Developers are now looking for ways to create flexible, performance-friendly code and search-based solutions that a native provider API cannot necessarily deliver. And with Sitecore’s LINQ to Provider, there’s a clear solution for search-based programming that’s both flexible and efficient.

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Using Aspose Words to Provide a Simpler CMS Experience for Marketers

By Daved Artemik, Senior Technology Consultant on Apr. 22, 2015 View Comments

In order to simplify the user experience of various CMS platforms for Marketers, developers have to stay up to date with innovative ways to use the latest tools. Sometimes, though, it’s not the newest product, but rather the latest and greatest update to an existing tool that lends itself to new and creative uses.

Aspose is a vendor of file management APIs for various languages, ranging from .NET and Java to Android. One API in particular, Aspose Words, recently received an update that made my creative juices start flowing about new ways to use it.

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