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5 Ways to Better Manage a Data Center Transition Project

By Chad Baker, PPM Consultant on Mar. 25, 2014 View Comments

Data center transitions are a complex undertaking usually requiring intense planning, a large budget, new infrastructure, and the ability to work across multiple departments and vendors. Most data centers are used for local resiliency or disaster recovery capabilities in support of production operations. Based on my recent project experiences, organizations should consider the following when conducting analysis and building out new data center capabilities:

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Agile and Waterfall: The Best of Both Worlds for Project Management

By Chad Baker, PPM Consultant on Oct. 21, 2013 View Comments

“One fails, we ALL fail!” is a common phrase used across team that use Agile methodologies. But why is this not a mantra for Waterfall projects? Today it seems many organizations are focused on one methodology or the other, instead of looking at ways to leverage the strengths of both to successfully deliver projects.

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