8 Things I Learned as a Summer Intern

By Carly Walsh, Marketing Intern View Comments

carlyBefore I started as a summer marketing intern at Celerity, I didn't really know what it meant to build a website or be a digital consulting firm. Now, I know it takes alot of people, time and talent to create the web spaces we use every day.

In three months, I learned how to effectively manage a company's public presence; and beyond that, I learned a vast amount about the technology industry.

Here are a few of the little and big things I learned during my digital marketing internship:

  1. What "coding" is
  2. How UX and UI can improve a website
  3. It's harder to get an article published on Wikipedia than I thought!
  4. Images generate more engagement across all social networks
  5. Companies are moving towards "Lovable Imperfection"
  6. Canva.com is a really useful design tool for novices
  7. Content is king! Writing good content is the first step to doing most anything in Marketing. If the content isn't great, no amount of formatting will help.
  8. Posting social media quips at night and in the morning during the work week leads to increased impressions and engagement

I learned this summer that, when I push myself, I can achieve more than I ever thought. I truly enjoyed working with such a close-knit marketing team.

How was your summer internship?

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